Chatline Calls are Degraded

Chatline Calls are Degraded

Calls to chatlines have been continually degraded. There's no doubt that is the case. It has been obvious; because of, lapses in the call quality manipulation that has not been continous throughout the years I have been a customer.


In the begining, probably three quarters of my first year, the call quality was excellent, loud, clear, nondistorted, stable, to the Free Chatline (the name of the chatline). Later that year, the call quality was manipulated to sound like a dragging, lower volume, distorted tape recording.................quality of the call was degraded in everyway. Transmission of my voice on the chatline was degraded even more so...............up and down volume that was lower, and faded in and out. This was despite making the calls from the same spot (home residence) as always, and even being boosted with a 500 dollar booster showing every signal bar.


I know later, I will be contacted by someone saying things like: turn your phone off and back on again, take out the battery for a couple of minutes, update your profile, update the PRL, update the phone's software!................All those things have been done, and those things haven't changed anything. The phone is has never been the problem. My service starts out the same way everytime..............anytime I change to a new calling plan, similar to the way it started out when I was a new customer, the calls to the chatlines are spectacular............clear, loud, every syllable is heard (on both ends). A month later, due to my calling habits of calling the Free Chatline as the leading type of calls I make, the call quality on those calls is substantially degraded. Not to mention, being charged for calling The FREE chatline while on an UNLIMITED CALLING PLAN.  It is clear, these efforts are targeted at diminishing usage of chatlines, and represents an unspoken policy in effect.


I just believe, that the customer should be given an option to pay a premium if necessary to cover this type of usage of their service, if this is such a problem for the network. I wouldn't mind. I had tried to accomplish just that last month with a decision to not leave Boost/Sprint; but, to pay even more, upgrading to the 60 dollar a month the network another shot. Hoping that would put me in a different tier, and those types of calls would be seen as more covered somehow. Well, just that seem to be happening. Briefly, the calls to the Free Chatline went back to like they were in the beginning, when I was a new customer...............I was ELATED!!!  To have the call quality revert back to poor in the very next billing period was just disappointing and frustrating,............... and really takes the wind out of your sails for this network.


I was seriously thinking about upgrading again, to the 80 dollar a month plan, in another attempt to justify for the network, not degrading my calls to the chatline; but, I fear, my money will just get taken, and my service will be degraded shortly there after.


I like many things about this company; but, it just seems, I'm going strait up hill, and being run off.


The people at Boost are great, always friendly; but, I don't know what can be done about a secret policy regarding chatlines.


Re: Chatline Calls are Degraded

May I ask what area code the chatline you are trying to use is in? I use these chat lines/conference calling/radio listen lines regularly and I may be able to offer some insight as to what is actually happening (it's not Boost/Sprint CDMA that is the cause of the degradation). It has to do sometimes with the VoIP routing of the chat line (especially common in "traffic pumped" areas. For a brief explaination see:

There are some tricks that may improve your situation, but to avoid confusion I first have to identify what kind of system the chat line number is terminating to (destination system type in the public-switched telephone network).

You are welcome to private message me if needed.

Re: Chatline Calls are Degraded

Thanks for the message Cyrellia, and the reference material...........truly, I eye-opening, fascinating; and, a bulleyes of pertinent information.

Me being new here, I willl admit to being ignorant of how to "private" message you; so, I hope, this suffices.

The chatline is called: The Free Chatline, and it is a 712 (area code) chatline.

If you have suggestions of how to possibly improve my situation..............I'm all ears.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post and your interest to assist!