$60 plan getting 100KB/s download speed.


$60 plan getting 100KB/s download speed.

I just switched over to boost today. I'm hugely dissatisfied. My download speed is so slow it took me 10 minutes to instal pandora. It took 10 minutes for a 20mb program. I followed the steps on the help page with no results. As i t stands this will be my last month with boost. This is just unusable.

I have the same exact issue. This is the 4th day into my new billing cycle and this internet has been bogged down. This is my second problem in my 3 months. First boost had a routing issue and wouldnt let me get my texts and told me it wasnt on them, that every other person i knew not on the sprint network had bad phones and theirs was fine. Then they silently fixed it and didnt admit it was them. Now my internet is so atrocious i cant even google or get on fb. I pay for unlimited 4g until the throttle point. I never get to throttle point because it doesnt ever work at 4g. The only reason i switched to boost was for the 20 gigs of hotspot. But its so terrible you dont even want to use 5 of it. I will most likely be going back to metro after my 4th month is up. As i know boost wont all of a sudden offer 4g hotspot and the truly unlimited plan i supposedly pay for.

Man that really stinks! I, like 99.9% of every other Boost users, get 10-20mb+ down all the time, making my 20gb hot spot very effective.

Hope you get it sorted!

I get good speeds in other parts of town. Just not in a 3 block radius around my house. I'll be switching back to Metro before my first month with Boost is even up.

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