No software updates!


No software updates!

I'm using the Moto M model. It's been 2 years now, and it automatically shuts down when I receive a call. Then the battery drains very quick after the restart. Is it the battery issue or software issue? I have not been changed the battery so far. The primary issue is that I couldn't get updates on the software. The moto products get very few updates on software when compared to other devices. It would be great if the company send updates on software to all their products instantly.


Re: No software updates!

Hello @alexdixon. About the software updates: We could recommend to contact Motorola for additional assistance dialing 1-800-331-6456.


About the battery issue: There is the possibility of a software issue. To know for sure we could recommend for you to backup all your contact, files, pictures, etc. and complete a factory reset on your phone. A factory reset would erase everything on your phone and also will return all software to factory defaults fixing any software issues. Please tell us if you will try to do this so we can tell you how to complete a factory reset.