Moto G5S Plus Problem with VOIP apps


Moto G5S Plus Problem with VOIP apps

I just bought an unlocked Moto G5S Plus at Best Buy and a new Sim card at Boost Mobile store. The new phone works for the most part. I can make regular phone calls, surf the internet, and send text messages. However, when it comes to VOIP app I use for free calls called Line, I CAN NOT make voice or video calls from within the app. I can send text messages in chat mode. I can also click on a link shared in chat section and it takes me to the right website. When I try calling it always says "Unable to make call. Please check your connection and data plan (117)" When my friend tries to call me via Line, I see the normal incoming message for a second, but it disappears before I can tap the green Accept button.

I've already called both Boost Mobile and Motorola and tried troubleshooting with their tech people to no avail. I also sent email to Line. All features of Line has been working fine with my previous phones (Moto E4 Plus & ZTE) with Boost Mobile.

In addition to troubleshooting with techs, I have also tried the following.
*Made sure most recent version of Line and Android (nougat) was installed.
*In phone Setting/Apps/Line/Storage, click on [Clear Cache]
*In phone Setting/Apps/Line/Permission and make sure all were set to ON.
*In cellular network settings/carrier setting, click both Update PRL and Update device config.
*Download Line Lite and try making voice calls. I got the same error message
*Delete and reinstall Line and restarting the phone (I tried this several times).
*Download and try another VOIP app, namely Google Hangouts. It didn't work either.
*I also noted that when I make calls using Phone app, I can't access the internet.

The only time voice call within Line worked was when I tried from public Wi-Fi (I do not have wifi at home). When the problem wasn't solved, Boost suggested that I call Motorola and Motorola told me to call Line. I'm frustrated and I really hope someone can help me. Do you know if other users of Moto 5GS Plus and/or Boost Mobile have reported the same problem with making voice calls using VOIP? Also, in case it turns out that Moto 5GS Plus is incompatible, do you know if Moto G6 Play (running Oreo) works with Line? The fact that Line worked fine on older phones running marshmallow made me wonder if nougat is part of the problem

Re: Moto G5S Plus Problem with VOIP apps

That's strange, @Westcoast. In this case, our best recommendation would be to contact Line directly, and check if there is some sort of issue with the last version of the app. Usually, when there is a provisioning or a network configuration problem, all services (calls, SMS, data) are affected. I think you mentioned that your data is working fine besides this problem, which suggest that the root of the problem is outside of Boost Mobile. Hope everything gets resolved!