Moto E Strange Problems when making calls, customer service no help


Moto E Strange Problems when making calls, customer service no help

So, I purchased a Moto E from Boost Mobile a couple weeks ago. I thought it was a pretty sleek device, and was satisfied at first. But then I began getting CONSTANT text messages telling me my "Enhanced texting has been enabled." I ignored this, and blocked the number.


Then when I installed the recent Android update, after the installation/reboot, my wallpaper had been changed (from the default, which I was using). No idea why an update would change my wallpaper, but that raises the question: which other settings got changed that I don't know about?


So this brings me to the most infuriating problems I've experienced. Starting today, I finally began using it to make phone calls, specifically regarding important financial issues. Every time I was on a call, strange things would happen. The phone would start vibrating as I held it to my ear, and when I looked at the screen, I could see that the phone was navigating various menus, without me controlling it. Then it disconnected my call. This happened two times in a row. The second time, the phone also put itself on Do not Disturb mode, causing me to miss a returned call after my conversation was suddenly disconnected.


So then I began trying to contact Boost support. I was able to contact them on my device, but the woman who answered could barely speak English, and I couldn't understand about half of what she said. I ended the call, seeing it as a waste of time, since I could not even understand the customer service rep.


I then called again, but this time, the automated menu seemed to make it impossible for me to contact Boost Customer Service on my Moto E, I was told to use a separate phone. So I did that. I got through to a rep, and this time I was able to understand them, fortunately. However, I was informed that because of the ludicrous, anti-consumer policy of this "7 day warranty," that Boost would not offer a replacement or a refund, and that I had to call Motorola. I asked this representative, the following question, "So if Motorola won't do anything to replace my phone, I am basically just stuck with a defective device, is that right?" The man responded, "Yes, that is correct." Are you KIDDING ME?


So I called Motorola, as I was instructed. The only help Motorola gave me was to send me a link via e-mail about "requesting repairs." I don't need my phone repaired, it is not broken, it is in mint condition, it is brand new. I need a new phone or a refund, because this one is clearly showing signs of being defective. Additionally, during my call with Motorola, my Moto E device MUTED ME, and then began navigating through menus again, making it difficult to UNMUTE myself. For about 10 seconds, all I could hear was the rep saying "Hello? Hello?" while I fumbled through the menus trying to figure out why she couldn't hear me.


Before you say I may be touching the screen with my cheek or something like that, I will tell you that I have thought of this, and I became very conscious of holding the phone away from my face, and only resting the speaker on my ear. I was not touching buttons by mistake. I even tried pressing the hold screen button on the side of the phone to make sure that no buttons on the screen could be pressed by accident-- this had no effect whatsoever. The problems persisted.


Lastly, Boost sent me a text message "survey" asking how I would rate Boost. After all this, I gave them a 0/10. The automatic reply asked me to explain my rating. So I explained all of the above. But guess what? It's been about 20 minutes now, and the text STILL will not send.


Would absolutely love a refund of some kind, since this is downright unacceptable. I have never in my life had such problems with mobile devices/services. I really couldn't be more dissatisfied, and I honestly feel like I have been duped.  But I know you won't give me a refund, I'm just another rube who fell for your "LOOK HOW CHEAP OUR SERVICE IS" meme, and I'm stuck with a device that just sort of does whatever it wants while I'm conducting important business.


For shame.


I'm so sorry we let you down, mkstarfishprime. We're always looking to provide the best experience for our customers. Might you be up for sending me a private message? I'd love to know more about your experience and how we can make it better.


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