Blackberry Hub issue


Blackberry Hub issue

Is anyone else experiencing a message that shows up as "You" in Blackberry Hub? This is only for whats app messages. It will display a message sent from someone as being sent by "You" It's driving me nuts, please let me know if there is a fix for this. Thanks.


Re: Blackberry Hub issue

The blackberry priv is a comic story. it is like while Microsoft released home windows Vista and then a few short months later released windows 7. people knew that home windows Vista became a shaggy dog story that must have by no means been launched. nicely i'm saying the identical component approximately the blackberry priv it need to have in no way been launched. i've by no means had a blackberry in my existence i've constantly been a Samsung man but I wanted to try some thing one-of-a-kind this pass around and due to the fact that i've a commercial enterprise I want to see if i can get some thing commercial enterprise pleasant so I thought perhaps blackberry has now not misplaced all its luster. sadly i used to be dead incorrect.

the whole thing you have got defined right here is precisely what my cellphone is going via and greater. 1/2 my texts and mms messages don't go through and it takes me half an hour simply pass get a textual content from someone. after I referred to as Verizon they checked my service place find affirm that i have splendid coverage throughout wherein I live in order that tells me service won't be the problem.

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