my phone kept switching back and fourth from 3g to lte then just bars


my phone kept switching back and fourth from 3g to lte then just bars

I have been a customer of boost mobile for 3 years always paid my bill on time never had an issue with service such as dropped calls or data drops this all changed starting on june 1st 2019. I went and bought a 60 dollar reboost card to cover my unlimited plus plan which is unlimited calls text and data plus 30gig mobile hotspot.The day my service restarted i noticed my phone kept switching back and fourth from 3g to lte then just bars i figured ok maybe there is a tower down.Well after a few days of getting fed up thinking it was my phone i went and bought the same exact model phone which is a lg tribute i did the device swap to the new phone and low and behold the same issue with signal going in and out as explained above.So i called boost mobile and like many others on here i too could not understand half the stuff the tech was saying they must have there tech support located in india because thats what the people sound like.Anyways the tech told me to update the prl which low and behold did not fix the issue so i called again and got another person who once again i could hardly understand they gave me a run around telling me to do the same thing i said no i already have i said the issue is on your end they tried to tell me there was no issues then came back and said well there is a tower down but it might not be affecting you. After saying that to me they never bothered to look into whether or not i was being affected by the tower being down like they could care less.At this point i was getting very aggravated and went back and swapped back to my original phone and the same issue was occurring as before.Thankfully i was able to return the new phone and get my money back but here is where things get bad i called asking for a refund because obviously my service is not working correctly and i should be entitled to some sort of refund and i was plainly told we cannot offer you a refund because your service has already started the minute they said that i thought to myself you crooks ive been a customer for a long time and this is how you treat a paying customer who has spent hundreds of dollars and you cant even issue any type of refund for your service being absolute garbage ive read other complaints of people having the same issue as me.People that had excellent service at first and then started getting dropped calls and dropped data this company needs to have a lawsuit for scamming people and taking their hard earned money.


Re: my phone kept switching back and fourth from 3g to lte then just bars

Oh no! That's definitely not what we'd like to hear @sean2020. Please send us a private message with your current address, phone number and pin. We'd love to help.