Stylo 4 resolution change glitch


Stylo 4 resolution change glitch

So I changed to boost on July 4. after just 4 days my Stylo 4 had a massive problem  no one could fix. Its not on any support website nor could I get help from LG or Boost. I lowered the resolution on the phone. However to finish the change it had to reboot so i accepted. When the phone turned back on it had TV fuzz on like 70% of the screen and the actual phone display was tiny and in the upper left corner. It also made the touch screen not work so I can't change the setting back nor can i turn the phone off to factory reset. The hold down the power button and volume down button also did not work.{it would only reset the phone]. It's quite upsetting no one could help. What's even more upsetting I had the phone 4 days and to get it fixed by LG or Boost I have to pay them more money. I pay for phone insurance but the say my claim is not valid . I also tried going back to the boost store but they wouldn't help me either.. So now I have to wait days in hopes that my phone will eventually die and I can factory reset..


Re: Stylo 4 resolution change glitch

Hey there @Da456 Did you try to contact the warranty (LG), of the device? 



~ Joy P.