Still No Fix For Wifi On LG Tribute Dynasty


Still No Fix For Wifi On LG Tribute Dynasty

SO......weeks and months and still not a fix for WiFi not working huh?? What a joke...and why is this phone (and other LG phones) being sold if the Wifi is known to not work??

Tired of the threads and searches that return a "fix" that says "remove battery, wait 10 seconds, turn phone back on" and the "forget network then re-connect".....they DO NOT fix anything...AT ALL...they just aggravate people that bought the phone thinking it actually works. 

Maybe (someday) we'll get an update but I can't even update the firmware because the retard where I bought the phone failed to scan the box so I can't activate the device through Boost or update the firmware and probably the software either....word....

I did come up with one quick fix---bring the LG back and buy a Samsung...they're overloaded with bloatware but at least you can use the **bleep** things...


Hey there, @EmefGhost! Really sorry to hear about this experience with the LG device. If you experience any issue with the new device, do not hesitate to contact us here, we are here for you.