Service killed when on call LG G6


Service killed when on call LG G6

I live in the Northern Virginia area.  More often than not my phone can't make or receive phone calls or texts despite showing full LTE bars.  I can access data but no network service.  I've sent in my phone once already to LG and they replaced my chipset to fix the problem.  However the problem continues.  When I go to my network state it show either disconnected or suspended.  I have reset my network connection, cleaned off my SIM card and multiple restarts.  Nothing seems to work. 


The kicker is that while visiting my family in North Carolina and Utah my phone works perfectly fine.  No problems with anything at all.  This is a brand new phone purchased directly from Boost and I haven't rooted it or installed anything not from the play store.  Is there something wrong with the cell towers in my area?  It seems to be an issue with the Boost networking software in this area and not hardware because as I mentioned it works fine out of the area I work and live.


Please help.


Re: Service killed when on call LG G6

Hi kmolleja. Thanks for contacting us. It is our pleasure to assist you. Please, let us have you number and PIN in a private message, so we can check your account. Also, send us your address where this is happening. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".  Thanks! ~AmyM25