Phone fraud


Phone fraud

I was looking on my daughters phone and found a text from that had my other daughters full name on it when clicked on it also has her birthday.. this phone number is not my child’s number. The text that came through to my oldest daughter said he who is this I had your number but lost my contacts. My daughter then when seeing her sisters name said Halina I know this is you it’s your sister. The conversation went on an little bit but this person who has a phone under my daughters name was talking down to my 12 year old using inappropriate words of course momma bear was upset... not only was this person talking this was to a child but also had a phone that was showing up with my daughters name and birthday... I texted the number to let the person know that her number was showing up with all my daughters personal info and that’s why my daughter texted her back she then text me talking about i need to drop it and it’s over thank you with an attitude I snapped it’s not over talking to my child crazy isn’t ok and I don’t know this person she could be caught up in some really bad things yet her phone she uses to do or not to do these criminal things is under my 9 years name and could be linked back to her I asked if she would meet me at the police station so we could work this out.... something needs to be done!! This could ruin my daughters credit or even her life


Re: Phone fraud

Sorry to hear that, Amanda5. Thanks for letting us know, Amanda5! We recommend to file a police report for this to be handled from a legal perspective.