Need Help On Two Things


Need Help On Two Things

First off I'm pretty good with smartphones...been on XDA for a few years and I know my way around a phone.....

this is my first BoostMobile as well as an LG device (Tribute Dynasty w/latest software update) so before I posted here I checked *EVERYWHERE* imaginable and kept coming up with the same corny answers.

My first question is how do I update the Profile?? Every time I hit "Update Profile" I either get an authentication error or it says "user is not registered" or something to that effect...I can update the PRL but everything else presents a problem.

Also, how can I *force delete* xfinitywifi from my WiFi Network?? I viewed the CONF file in Data/Misc/Wifi and there are no passwords for any of the WiFi networks...the WiFi keeps connecting for a minute then I get a popup saying "*network name* does not have internet access" and/or the WiFi SSID just says either saved or not connecting...

I'm seeing alot of people have these issues but no fix has been found besides the same tired, corny "click forget network" in which time the SSID pops right back up immediately...."forget network" ain't makin' it happen.

Anyone with a fix please help!!!