LG stylo 5 system apps


LG stylo 5 system apps

Okay so there are a few apps I'm concerned with that are under installed apps but their not apps I installed and they just showed up one day are they system apps and can I delete them or will that mess my phone up. I'm concerned it may be something suspicious. The apps are

Mobile installer by soft bank Corp
Google play services for ar
Carrier services
Carrier hub
Android accessibility suite

Please let me know

Hello, @Lauraro83. Thanks for reaching out. Those apps are necessary for the phone. The 2nd and 5th are related to your phone's Operating System, the others are related to your service. If you have any other question or request, feel free to let us know. 


Google play services for ar no reality
Carrier services no call no rcs messages
Carrier hub no calls
Android accessibility suite no special services to disable people

These apps are necessary for features of the phone to work. You have the option of disabling them and making a test to verify if any of those interrupt any of the features you normally use on your phone. If you see that disabling it stops you from doing something, you can always enable them again.