LG Stylo 6 Activation problems

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LG Stylo 6 Activation problems

Hi, I got my new LG Stylo 6 phone in the mail. I installed the new sim card and went onto boostmobile .com and activated it. It said it was successful but whenever I try to make a call it says my service is restricted/unavailable. My next monthly bill payment isn't set to paid for 11 more days.
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Hi there! Sorry for the delayed response. Support is available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. CST. Please send us a private message to assist you. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".


So after another 2 hours of trying to figure it out, i found that not only did you have to finish your general switch wizard program but then you have to go here: https://myaccount.boostmobile.com/sign-in.html?dest=SWAP_PHONE_URL

By going to the link above it actually switches your plan to this phone. You're gonna have to wait a bit for the data to kick in but texts and calls do go through.

To Boost Mobile Support. Instead of wasting everyone's time you should have posted the link from the very beginning. People coming to the forums would have tried the link first and if that didn't work then people would come back or call support.

We are glad to hear that you were able to resolve your activation issue on your own. Thank you for the feedback! We remain at your service. If you have any other question, just let us know.ax

I need help activating the new sim card I just bought for my stylo 6

Just got my LG Stylo 6 in the mail today, restoring apps/photos/messages was fine and all. I switched the SIM that it came with it for moment to see what was in my old SIM then switched back. Through the Boost website I "activated" my phone and I thought everything was going well that's until 20 minutes after when I tried to call someone to check the call wouldn't go through. Immediately the call was canceled and "emergency calls only" showed up. What can I do next? I've turned the phone off a couple of times and waited longer but it didn't work. 


Hello, cahelolo. Please send us a private message with your phone number, PIN, IMEI and ICCID. 


I have sent you a message with that information

Having EXACTLY the same problem, got new phone in mail, activated it, and now problems connecting to network and calling... Even talked with 2 boost agents on the phone (for over an hour) and STILL having connectivity issues to the network. I switched from my LG Stylo 4 (virgin mobile) to the LG Stylo 6 (Boost)... Never had signal problems til now, and it's very frustrating!! My cell is my line of communication to my family and work!! Seen another post about not having the proper SIM card?! One of the "agents" said the new ones are apparently gray for the extended network, but the one that came with my phone is white? HELP!!!

Hi, MsVivi21!  Hello! Thanks for letting us know about this. Please send me a private message with your phone number, PIN number, IMEI number and SIM card number to activate.


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