LG Stylo 4 - I can't be heard on the phone.


LG Stylo 4 - I can't be heard on the phone.

I bought an LG Stylo 4 for my dad for father's day a while back and it was working fine after I set it up and activated it. Shortly thereafter, he started getting problems where when he would make phone calls, people on the other end couldn't hear him but he could hear them fine. His text messages would also require multiple send attempts intermittently. 


Last weekend I chatted with a Boost customer service rep and we had the service reset on Boost's end, we turned off the phone, removed the sim card to wipe it, restarted the phone and dialed the ##2786# or whatever number then it had a hard time activating. After that, Boost reset the service on their end again and this time we went back in and reset the PRL and network preferences to CDMA/LTE instead. The problem was, his call success rate was about 40% before so after a couple calls it is hard to tell if the issue is fixed.


My father is older, not very good or patient with technology, lives in another state, and is undergoing numerous medical studies right now because of a rare form of cancer so he needs to be able to communicate with these people and it's becoming very difficult if not impossible. Any help would be appreciated.


Re: LG Stylo 4 - I can't be heard on the phone.

Hello, @thebmxest1. We’re sorry to know that your experience hasn’t been that great. We'll do our best to help. Please send us a PM with his phone number, PIN and address. You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.