LG Stylo 3 pricing - "upgrade" issues


LG Stylo 3 pricing - "upgrade" issues

I'm at my end with Boost... Today REALLY pushed me over the edge.

Online sale price for the LG Stylo 3 is currently listed as $99. Great price right? Well I've only used one of my upgrades in the past 5 years of being a boost customer. I find out today after speaking to customer care twice as well as responses left on this forum from care agents that I've been able to "upgrade" my phone after 120 days. I can do this every 120 days according to the reps and agents...
I'm 78 miles from the nearest retail store. We have Wal-Mart and dollar General (they sell boost products) but you have to go to a boost retail store in order to receive the "upgrade" price. I go online and see the price is $99 for the phone. I call customer care to see what the discount will be and they tell me that it's based on the phone and only the store can give me a price. Hang up, call the retail store... He tells me that the same phone is $179.... And that my discount for this upgrade is only worth $50! The online sale price is not honored at the retail store. WTF?
Get your act together Boost
Saying I'm upset is an understatement. I'm ready to go back to Verizon. This is absolutely ridiculous...
I'd pay less with the online sale than if I used my sorry excuse for an upgrade. I realize that you've got to make money somehow but I've been a customer for several years...
I'm sure people will say "just pay the online price, what a deal". That phone is about to be discontinued. That's why the price is low. I've seen this happen with my Volt, Volt 2 and now my Stylo 2. The 3 is next....
The lack of unity between retail stores and boost is unprofessional.
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I appreciate your comment here. Honestly I just needed someone to understand what was bothering me. Boost had been great for many years but lately they seem to have lost their luster so to speak. 

My frustration was not with you guys here on the forum. I appreciate your insight and we are all entitled to our own opinion . 

You were right that I was over reacting a little. This all really pissed me off and it got under my skin. Ultimately I decided to cut my losses and move to a different provider.  Good luck to you all. I hope that you guys and gals continue to have better luck than I did. 
Ron4boost, I gave you Kudos for you comment.