Boost LG Stylo 4 - 24 hour test drive


Boost LG Stylo 4 - 24 hour test drive

So I have had the Boost LG Stylo 4 for a little over a day now and I thought I would share my first impressions. I am not going to list all the spec's but we all already know the 1.5ghz octa-core, 32 Rom / 2 Ram, full HD screen, ect… However, I think you may find this enlightening in some aspects.


First let me say that I have had all the LG Stylo's up to and now including the 4. I have also had many other past and current phones ranging from low to high end, android and apple. I currently have used, and am using a Galaxy S8 as my daily driver, but was excited none the less to give the Stylo 4 a spin as I am a big fan of the line. So without further ado...


SETUP: All told, from the moment I opened the box to the moment it was configured to my preference was about an hour. This has a lot to do with the ease of the Boost Mobile website 'swap device' feature. It took less than 5 minutes to swap my device and activate the Stylo 4. From there, I installed my favorite apps (about 15, like FB, iHeart, FB Messanger, Netflix, ect..) and uninstalled apps I did not want (like uber, tidal, ect…). The phone was very responsive and quick, although with heavy installing/updating and configuring (multitasking) the phone did become slightly sluggish at times but never for long. Also, there was an out of box android update that came in at like 270mb so be prepared for that. All in all, I was pleased with the way I was able to churn through an out of box phone and turn it in to a fully functional and customized piece of hardware in about an hour.


BUILD QUALITY: The build quality of the Stylo 4 is impressive. A definite step up form the 3! In my humble opinion it has a darn near high end feel to it, and some weight too. The feel of a cheap plastic phone akin to the stylo 1 & 2, and even found in the 3 are gone. Before even turning the phone on I was impressed with the look and feel of the Boost Stylo 4 with its sleek and curved lines. This is something photos can not do justice for and you will have to hold it in your hand to find out. But to reiterate, I was impressed!


SOUND: Although I was not blown away, the sound quality of the phone while in call, both in ear and via speaker were adequate. No real improvement here over past Stylo phones, but no worse. If you need a phone that has a top priority for actually using the phone to talk on then the Stylo line is probably not for you. However, it functioned well in  moderately noisy areas and the speaker phone while driving worked good enough. As for media sound, that too was adequate. Not mind blowing loud/clear, but decent enough to get the job done. I am not saying either of these are bad, just not as good as higher end phones, and for an entry level smart phone, we cant expect the best of everything. I will say that for the price, the sound this phone creates is good. (I did not get a chance to use the advanced sound output options)


DISPLAY: This here is the real draw of the Stylo 4. Everything else is marginally better than the Stylo 3 (if at all), but the screen is beautiful. It's full HD display, rich colors, and vibrant brightness is worth the price of admission alone. In fact, if you have a Stylo 3, the only real reason to upgrade is the display and it's my opinion that alone is worth the price of upgrade. It also feels very good to the touch and very responsive when touched, very accurate (with or without the Stylus). I am actually quite amazed they fit such a great edge to edge full HD display in such a budget phone!


CAMERA: Again, for the price it is a great value! Both the front and rear cameras were very responsive and captured good photos and videos. I would go as far as to say it is slightly improved over the Stylo 3 here as well. There is not much more to say here really, except they work fine and take good photos and videos.


USAGE: The phone is very responsive and quickly flips from app to app. While scrolling through Facebook I noticed a slight hitch (read: not butter smooth) but not horrible. I found the same on other websites but not all. The finger print scanner is spot on and very quick/responsive. Overall it performs just about identical to the Stylo 3 with a bit of polish here and there, most likely due to the Oreo 8.1 upgrade. 


BOTTOM LINE: I am just going to throw down the gauntlet here and say with such a beautiful full HD screen, formidable internal spec's, quality camera, and great build quality, not only is it the finest LG Stylo yet, but the Finest entry level smart phone one can buy. I found it hard to believe that it came with a price tag of only $129.99 (at Walmart)! Its actually quite amazing when you think about it, and the warm and fuzzies only get better when you are holding it in your hand. Having said all of that, at this price point it does come with an Achilles heel...


2GB of ram is not doing this phone any justice. The slight sluggish nature when multitasking, or the slight hitch found when scrolling in FB, or the slight pause when switching from app to app, all have to do with the limited ram. In fact, I averaged 1.9GB of ram usage during my test drive and that was under light usage conditions. In other words, you will constantly be maxing out the ram and thus experiencing the negative affects of that as I outlined above. I would have gladly paid $229.00 or heck even $299.00 for the same exact phone with 3GB of ram, the phone is that good.


Something else to note, the phone got warm quick! This is something I did not ecpierence on any of the other Stylo phones, but from completely cool and unused, it only took about 5 minutes of usage (Facebook, web surfing, ect..) to get noticeably warm.


Make no mistake, the issues I have with regards to ram are real, but ultimately minor if something just left of buttery smooth is ok with you, and for $129.99 it should be. All things considered, this is the best bang for the buck phone on the market, a suitable upgrade over the Stylo 3, and a mind blowing value for what you get.


I hope you enjoyed my mini Boost LG Stylo 4 review and will answer any questions you may have!


Re: Boost LG Stylo 4 - 24 hour test drive

Just now saw Best Buy has the Boost LG Stylo 4 listed on their web site for $199. While they also have the unlocked version for $299 ( unlocked version has 3gb of ram, 1.8ghz quad core, and fast charging)

Re: Boost LG Stylo 4 - 24 hour test drive

I have been digging through the stylo 4s programming and i have discovered that the stylo 4 has 1.2GB of swap ram. Add that to the 1.8GB of available ram and we have a total of 3GB of ram. Also the phone states that we have 4- 1Ghz cortex-a53 cpus and 4- 1.5Ghz cortex-a53 cpus. Well ive noticed that around 55% of the time I have 5 cpus running at 1.5Ghz. Also do NOT use AIDA64 to get device information because it identifies the LG-Q710AL as a LG Stylo 4 Plus. The Stylo 4 Plus is LG-Q710PL not AL. The screen is also the strongest and most durable one ive ever used.