All LG Phone Problems


All LG Phone Problems

I tried finding a general LG Android subreddit, but I figure here is appropriate, that way you know exactly what little problems exist in all LG android phones. I've owned the G3, G5, G6, and V30, so this list will compile all the small Gremlins present between those devices. I'm curious if other LG diehards also experience this.

  1. LG cannot make a keyboard. My G3 would autocorrect correct words. 'if' turns into 'so', grammatically messing up my sentence. The swipe feature CANNOT figure out if it should put a space between words. Youand I should getsome icecream on Saturday. It cannot choose.

  2. Cameras are fuzzy or green balanced. This one is more obvious. LG just added 5 cameras to the v40. How about getting some better quality though? My V30 has the same quality as my G5. I'm very curious if the V40 has upped the quality, I suspect it hasn't.

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