How do you get a real human being to help with Boost customer service?


 We have agents available here on Boost Community to help with all your needs!  Simply look through the forums and either respond to a current thread or post a new one to ask your question.


Example: I made a payment but my services aren't on. I would go to Payment, BIlling, Account > Payments & Billing.  As long as I'm a registered member of Community I can either respond to a post or create a new one myself.  Registration is free and easy, you'll be prompted when you attempt to respond or you can go to our registration page to get started


Sometimes a fellow customer may jump in to answer your question, everybody's welcome to help out here and other customers may have the answer you're looking for.  If not, we have agents available to respond to posts 7 days a week, usually within a few hours of your post.


Private Messages: An agent may ask you to contact them privately by sending a private message.  You can tell the person asking is a real Boost employee if they have the Boost Social Care badge like the one below.BstSocialCareAgentMd


Never respond to requests for private account information from someone who doesn't have a Boost Employee badge or a Social Care badge.


There are other ways to get your questions answered on Community as well. greencheck.PNGLook for the green check mark on the right corner of a thread title.  Those green checks mean that the question posted has been answered.


We also have a number of Tribal Knowledge Base (TKB) articles written based off YOUR questions.  Start at the Search Bar at the top of the forums and search for your question.  Articles with SOLUTION: in the title are your ticket to clear answers to our most common questions.