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What's up Community!!!  We have all been there.  You know when your phone is not acting right and you want to take a hammer to it.  Come to think about it, I've wanted to at one time, take a hammer to all items that have software. Looking at you Fortnite Season 5!! For now, let's concentrate all of our anger to our phone.  As promised, here is a video featuring The Sammies who walks us through the real world love/hate relationship with our phones and how to resolve the issue without a hammer.  Sammies...take it away!



Stay tuned for an in-depth article on the Device Maintenance feature.

I have a question. If my bill is due on the first but want to add a line today would i still have to pay a full month


Hey there @Chandra31 Yes, you will have to pay for the service on the first, since is your due date.