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We know you're busy and let's face it, nobody likes calling their wireless provider. Skip the hold time and manage your account 24/7 with these five easy tasks you can do with the the My Boost Mobile app available for Android or iOS.  


  1. Pay your bill:  Make a payment or redeem a Reboost card either through the MyBoost app or MyBoost account online. Check out the instructions here: Make A Payment
  2. Upgrade your phone: If you've been a Boost customer for at least 12 months with a good payment history, you may be eligible for BoostUp! our program that lets you upgrade to a new phone with small monthly payments. We have an article with all the details, plus how to tell if you're eligible to upgrade here:  Upgrade and BoostUp! FAQs 
  3.  Check order status: So you've ordered a new phone and want find out status?  Keep track of it every step of the way by going to our Order Status page.  For more information and some frequently answered questions about Order status, check out our Order FAQ article
  4. Activate a device: You've got your a new phone and you want to activate it on your Boost line?  It's super easy to do.  Read our Activation Instructions! 
  5. Add International calling or SMS: Boost has several ways to keep in touch with friends and family living far away.  We have instructions to help you add an international calling or texting plan in our support article here can also order a new phone, add or remove services like Tidal, change your phone number, invite members to join your family plan and much more on or through the My Boost Mobile app. Check out your My Boost Mobile account or theMyBoost app, look around and let us know if you have any questions.





Can an admin please contact me so I can get my phone working again


How do i remove 2nd line from family plan? I'm trying to start a new family plan (where im actually the primary this time) but can't find anything on their terrible website


Hi I'm trying to get my sprint galaxy note 5 activated on my boost account I have been getting run around and around for weeks so now I've finally gotten a compatible SIM card sent to me can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me now


Hey there, @kats74! Thanks for contacting us. The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is compatible for this service. However, there are certain requirements before you can do it. Here are some of them:


• These select phones are in used condition and not currently active on a Sprint account

• Sprint postpaid devices with Installment billing or lease agreements do not qualify for this program
• They are subject to the normal reactivation fee associated with Boost used phones ($10).
• Sprint phones that are active on a Boost account are supported based on the services that are known to work:

  ◦SMS text
  ◦Data services (Web)

  ◦Wi-Fi (where applicable)

• Sprint phones also have applications on them that may or may not work, and these are not supported by Boost.
• The following services may not work:

  ◦MMS text messages
  ◦Premium third-party content (e.g. AirG, Boost Music Store, Playphone Gaming, etc.).

If you agree, please send us a private message with the MEID number of your phone. 

I need my account number 



Hi, @ghoneycutt311! Thank you for contacting us. Please send us a PM with your phone number and PIN. 


To send a Private Message you can go to your profile and click on the icon with an envelope. Then you enter the username of the person you want to send a message to and the subject. Or you can go to the user profile by clicking on the username and click on "Send this user a Private Message".


Hi there, @epalau097! We can definitely help you out with that. Because the phone number is coming from Virgin Mobile, we have to do a migration which is a different process and can only be performed through customer care. Please, send us a private message with the following information to further assist you:


1. Name and last name.
2. Full address, including zip code.
3. Virgin Mobile phone number.
4. Virgin Mobile PIN/password.
5. MEID/DEC number and UICC/SIM card number of the Boost Mobile phone that you would like to activate.
6. Price plan that you would like to have with Boost Mobile.
7. 4 Digit PIN that you would like to have with Boost Mobile


I can send you that info but I don' know how to send you a private message?


Please tell me how to send you a private message?



You can send us a private message just clicking on my name and then selecting “Send this user a private message".


Hi Hamilton,


I sent you a private message with the information you require to activate my account and port/migrate my phone number.






We received your private message. Thanks! 


Thanks for r help in resolving this situation so promptly.