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The Boost Dealz program has been shut down as of 7/29/18.   While the Boost Dealz App and the benefits are no longer available, we are hard at work looking for other savings opportunities for the Boost Nation. 


For more information and FAQs please visit 



Sorry to see this incentive go, do you know what will happen to the current credit we have on our account?


I'm glad I came on here because your phone customer service reps, were not able to relay this information to me. They gave me different information, raised her voice at me because she could not explain why my family and myself were not going to be credit from boost dealz. I was going to end my family account until I saw your post, I am a long time customer and would hate to leave.  My issue was up until two months ago the system did not credit what my family did through boost dealz. Anything my wife and daughters did automatically applied to the account. Last month I had to call in in order to receive proper credit. Today I called to do the same thing and was told that my family could not use there credit towards our bill, which we have been doing for month. They told me we could use it toward ring tones and international calling. I think it's unfair because we all took our time with this app and not to get the credit is bad. Looking forward to new incentives.......



Customer service supervisor I spoke with: Nica I. 1421904548


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My apologies for all the confusion.  This is by no means an excuse, the news was dropped on us out the blue.  Sometimes, the best answer is "I don't know, let me check."


Here is the deal, you will still be able to earn and have credits applied to your account until the Boost Dealz program has shut down on 7/29/18. Your final account credit will be applied within 30 days of the 7/29/18 shutdown date.  All points accumulated as of 7/29/18 will be applied to your Boost Mobile account as a credit (1000 points = $1). No points can be earned after 7/29/18.


I can't believe i let these people lie strait to my face when they told me less than a month ago that all i needed to get the hulu 6 month's was to buy a i phone get the big plan and an extra line which i did .  Now I'm extremely upset because this website says I had to buy some samsung phoneand not the i phone 6 .Well i already found contradictory beliefs to thatb all over the internet with people thinking they can get the hulu deal with a phone 6.   Boost lied to my face and is guilty of false advertising .I plan on spending the next few days at least yelling at people on the phone that work for boost till they make it right .  I'm furious.  Both boost and metro pcs are both worthless companies . They will be making this up to me in thinking they can start by giving me a Samsung s9 until then I'm raising hell and even paying other people to help me raise hell. Watch boost... All i have is time and money . 


good luck i have been lied to since i the 27th of last month the techs have no clue whats going on and only tell you what you want to hear to get you to stop calling and bugging them

Good morning, Sburns and gonners! Our sincerest apologies for the late reply, and sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had with those promotions.


The free Hulu deal for 6 months required a port-in and the customer would get the Samsung J7 Perx for free.


New customers who ported-in a number to Boost and activated it on Boost's $50 or $60 plan at a Boost dealer, could get a free Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx and six months of Hulu's Limited Commercials plan for free.


The iPhone 6 plan was iPhone 6 32 GB for $49.99 - Requires a port-in from a non-Sprint related carrier and activation on the $50 or $60 plan.


Once again, we deeply apologize for the incorrect information you guys were provided with.



boost deals was a scam first was 5 credit then 3 dollars and never have survive

I sure hope I don't have any troubles so far boost has only lied about no activation fee ! If it's posted they should abide by it.😠

Earlier, one Boost's administrative said Boost Dealz will no longer function. 

Right now, I still have Boost Dealz installed on my phone, but I am still gaining points from it. Why is that happening? Thanks.

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Unfortunately, any credits accumulated past 7/29 will not be honored.  Strange you are still able to accumulate points.  PM me your information (phone number) and I will check.


I know that boost dealz is not functioning anymore but I am still earning points since I still have the app installed in my phone. Also on the day that boost dealz stopped functioning I had earned a certain amount of points and was still earning points after therefore once the credit was added to my account it was a little bit more than what I had earned when the app should have stopped functioning. I am confused since the app should not work anymore. Also the credit that I earned after 7/29/18 will I still be able to use it since the app seems to still be working??

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Per the agreement with the vendor, they will honor up to 7/291/18.  Anything beyond that we are unable to pay given we are no longer receiving funds from the vendor.  We have reached out to the vendor asking why the app is still functioning.

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Thank you for sharing. everyone. I have reached out to the vendor of Boost Dealz regarding the app still being live and effectively confusing users by still showing it is applying credits, letting users view ads, take surveys, etc. My hope is that they respond by telling us that the application will be completely decommissioned ASAP. Hopefully more to come on this.