Taking an 8+ To boost from Sprint


Taking an 8+ To boost from Sprint

So I have a brand new iPhone 8 plus, I’ve had it for like two or three months maybe, it’s currently on Sprint. It’s paid off in full. When I went to boost on Wednesday to try and switch it over, I was told that it was not compatible... So any updates on when this phone will be compatible? Because I really don’t want to have to buy a brand new phone when I just payed this one off a few weeks ago... And I absolutely do not want to stay on Sprint because their prices are outrageous... Are there any other options? Is there like a trade in I can do to get this phone? Because I seriously can’t keep sprint...

Re: Taking an 8+ To boost from Sprint

Hey there, Snyderk08! The factory unlocked iPhone 8 Plus is compatible with us. However, if you bought the phone directly from Sprint, it is not compatible. Since we run under the Sprint network, the methods of activation for Sprint phones are not the same as for factory unlocked devices (or unlocked devices from non-Sprint carriers). You can find a list with the compatible unlocked phones through this link http://boost.co/2gB0A9C. The list of compatible Sprint devices can be found here http://boost.co/1URk98c.


Bear in mind that even if Sprint unlocks your device, it won't be compatible through the Bring your own device program until it is shown on the list of compatible Sprint phones (this is if you purchased the phone directly from Sprint).