Return device


Return device

I ordered a used phone online 10 days ago (Order placed March 17th). My billing address is different from my home address because I've recently moved. I had to have my device delivered to my dad's house, and received the item & activated it 6 DAYS after placing the order. I activated it Friday evening (March 23rd). Apparently the standard refund is only for 7 days after you PLACE the order. This is incredibly unfair. Today is March 27th, and I had my phone for three full days. I just switched back to my previous phone today. 


My pre-owned phone that I had ordered was the Samsung Galaxy s6. The battery life is abysmal and it has to be charged MULTIPLE times a day. The device heats up, too. This is definitely a defective device. 


I want to return it. Am I still able to? If not, I find this totally unfair. I would have had to return it a day after receiving it for it to be within that 7 day typical warranty. 


I tried to call customer support today during my lunch break, which led nowhere with the person on the phone saying "ma'am" every other word.