Retrieving Proof of Purhase from 1- year and a half ago


Retrieving Proof of Purhase from 1- year and a half ago

Hi I'm stuck in activation lock screen on my 5S and Apple is asking for proof of purchase from when I bought the phone, which I can not get
I'm trying to retrieve he original Apple ID email username and password but I've changed email addresses like I've changed clothes and can not remember which numbers or whatever I used for his B***** email I first set up the phone with and it's locked me out,
Anyhow I did get some proof that I bought it I justdont have the F U L L IMEI and Serial number on the paper and Apple is dismissed this proof of purchase because it doesn't have the FULL serial and imei numbers which are on the paper just not in full length they won't give me the Apple ID to fr back into it without it

I need some help please from Boost
Please help me use my old phone again
Thank you


Hi there, Kevincent. We're sorry you're going through this negative experience. Unfortunately, we don't have or handle this kind of information. We're sorry for the inconvenience.