IPhone 6s Unlock Request. - CDMA/GSM


IPhone 6s Unlock Request. - CDMA/GSM


I am Boost mobile user for almost a year now, with my 12 months completing on Feb 10th 2018. I would want to unlock my iPhone6s. Once unlocked, can it be used with any provider (GSM, CDMA) or is there any limitation/restriction. Can you please confirm?


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Re: IPhone 6s Unlock Request. - CDMA/GSM

Hi there, smigul! We'd love to explain this further. To unlock a cellphone, it has to be activated at least 12 months, and it cannot be reported lost/stolen. As your phone will have 12 months on Feb. 10th, we'd need to wait until then to submit your request.
The device will be domestically and internationally unlocked, however, we do not assure you that it will work with any other service provider or that there will be no limitations/restriction. For more information about this, we recommend you contact the carrier you'll use the device with.