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wifi hotspot

I've paid my $50 plan for unlimited talk text and high speed data. Up to 8g on hotspot. I get a message saying I have exceeded my usage and it says I have to wait until next month when it only say 8145 mb. Can someone help me please???

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You say you got a message saying that you have "exceeded" your data usage? That's quite bizarre as this plan has no limits when it comes to the amount of mobile data that you can use. I would really like to check your account to further help you.


Can I send you a private message so we can continue? Looking forward to your reply back!


On the $50 unlimited plan, i only get 8gb of mobile hotspot ....once that's used up, i have to wait till my next billing cycle to use mobile hotspot........when is boost going to offer unlimited mobile hotspot with a phone plan???👽👽👽

The same with me. The lady at the boost mobile said there is no way I can pay for extra hotspot so I'm planning to get into another phone company

I too am having the same issue with my hotspot I got a message stating I used up all my data when I thought I have unlimited. I only had my hotspot on for an hour before receiving this message. I'm confused

@Jcast89 We apologize for the inconvenience. The $50 unlimited plan only includes 8GB for the hotspot and once you reach that limit you will not be able to access unless you restart the plan.


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I really like this service but I think Ill be switching due to the lack of hotspot data. I mean if im trying to pay for more hotspot there shouldnt be a problem but they told me I would have to pay an extra 50 to restart the whole plan why would I do that when I just paid my bill I dont need more data thats unlimited I just want more hotspot... STOP TRYING TO RIP PEOPLE OFF AND YOULL GET MORE CUSTOMERS (YOURE LOSING US)


I am amazed that it is impossible to add any more Wi-Fi hotspot after 8 gigs but they say there is no possible way. That is unacceptable. On any other plan you can just buy more data. I guess I will be changing Services after years with Boost

Baffling marketing.

I don't expect anyone to slog through and address or respond to even THE QUESTIONS BELOW.
THINK of them as rhetorical, for illustrative purposes, for providing mainly feedback, on some issues, that perhaps are confusing.
That perhaps presentation of the information on webpages here, might be improved. Which if improved, maybe it might lesson the demand on customer help/support.


I tossed thoughts out over last 15 hours, into the text box here. A rambling conjecturing meandering mess now the result.
So let me put the final speculative, thought, POSSIBLY a solution to above user/customer complaints, a solution, with one time cost, of buying a ZTE Warp Connect (
https://www.boostmobile.com/#!/shop/hotspots/zte-warp-connect/features/ )

For bigger data plan, 10 Gigs, $50, it seems to be on par with phone data add-on pricing of 1GB | $5/month or 2GB | $10/month.
Just no convenience like nifty little $3 for half Gig thru next day, ending at midnight, add-on.
The device page for it has wrong links and text, (not much basic info or manual). But if the ZTE Warp Connect, WiFi device, is all independent of the phone plan. Other than the $49.99 device price, afterwards, you could use it for same per Gig cost as phone WiFi hotspot data cost, $5/Gig, as long as you USE IT, as otherwise your price per Gig goes up, obviously.

Now on stumbling upon a different page with THAT device(ZTE Warp Connect), it has a working(or not wrong link as other pages have).
So in promoting the ZTE little WiFi hotspot device here:

It has an actual working FAQ link.
Although it evidently is for another (phased out? Or not promoted, "netgear fuse") device, but if the plans work the same, it SEEMS it is, a use it or lose it deal:
"What is the expiration on the megabytes (MB’s) I purchased?
With all of our current Boost Wi-Fi Hotspot plans, the megabytes you receive will expire 30 days after you buy them. If you run out sooner than your next payment date, you can use the Restart Plan option and make your full monthly payment early to re-enable all your services immediately by visiting My Account."

[[[[ PaC: note IMO, NOT your PHONE PLAN restart(as suggested to a justifiably irked customer in this thread, above. ) Or maybe it actually is that nutty, and IMO, bad marketing and pricing by Boost, as it does say "to re-enable all your services immediately."

ALL? EVEN YOUR PHONE services?????
I would assume NOT ALL. BUT....???? Maybe not. Bad marketing IMO, if truly IS "ALL" the services restart/"re-enable" necessary, that in promoting and selling little WiFi hotspot device doo-dads, if the data plans for them pushes data intensive customers to restart entire phone (other services too??) ]]]],

Well, resuming quoting Boost: "....Do unused megabytes roll over into the next month?
No. Unused data expires 30 days after purchase."

EARLIER, past 20 hours, typing my thoughts/notes, time to time in this text box, looking at Boost website pages, from time to time:
Hard to puzzle out, EVENTUALLY, this page

has: "If you’re on $35/mo. Unlimited data, talk & text with 3GB of 4G LTE High-Speed Data plan your hotspot data usage is drawn from your overall data bucket including the 3GB 4GLTE high-speed data. All data usage is throttled to 2G speeds after consumption of the high-speed data allotment. If you want more high-speed data for your own consumption or mobile hotspot you can add more 4G LTE data anytime with 1GB for $5/mo. or 3GB for $10/mo.
If you’re on $50/mo. Unlimited GIGs plan, 8GB of hotspot usage is included in the plan but >>>>××× there is no option to buy more hotspot usage. xxx<<<<
The last 9 or 19 words should be bold face. Or up top for EVERYWHERE that plan appears, a note that monthly hotspot data is CAPPED at 8Gigs, AND buying more NOT ALLOWED. Restart/pay for another month early? Not unless it's a day or two early.

The website is maybe being modified. Several bad links, menus wrong on some pages, errors.
Hopefully not a mobile not fully friendly issue, my mobile IS my only internet for now.
But hotspot topic needs the muddy waters cleaned. Similar to other subjects could use some de-muddying, without cluttering a brief boost web page, some sort of big link added, to an "overview" or "introduction", would help reduce confusion and maybe users calling for help, IMO. Maybe use question mark graphics, buttons, that hotLINK to information, to help the confused, such as links to DEFINING a term or phrase/jargon. IMO, users visiting the site, eventually AFTER understanding topics, plans, jargon, then the webpages might seem fine. But anyone NEW to Boost or/and to the technology and not familiar with the jargon of both tech hardware AND mobile phone service providers, might understandably be confused as heck(or worse, with double candlesticks post the pronoun "he,").
For example. Adding an overview of phones that can act as a hotspot. Is it on purpose, maybe being a bit nebulous, sell hotspot device to customers not realizing they can hotspot with just their phone? Or does say, Bluetooth tethering count as hotspotting, just without creating a WiFi hotspot, it being a tethered hotspot?
By chance, saw in last 10 hours, an article which said cellular companies, call ALL OF IT, Hotspot, even tethering via USB or Bluetooth.

If insider terms are standard, EMPHASIZE THEM to help new or jargon unfamiliar customers wrestle with THE JARGON. So they are not wondering: 'Does "mobile hotspot" mean using a phone as a WiFi hotspot? Is there multiple synonym jargon. Or is "mobile hotspot" referring to hotspotting a phone (including via Bluetooth tethering, other tethering?). Or does hotspot, even for mobile phones, mean, it IS over a WiFi connection(s)? Or is the "vernacular" just bending the term toward being described by that definition? '

WAP, wireless access point, (internet access point, web access point, web access portal) tethered hotspot (Bluetooth, USB).
Generic (like free wifi hotspots) WiFi hotspot, or MOBILE hotspot, or specifically mobile WiFi hotspot (as in wireless not tethered hotspot). Lol, guess maybe even tethered is still a WAP, since goes through mobile Wireless, still a hotspot. Is it called that, a hotspot, in common tech speak, mobile phone tech speak?

Seems that phones with capability exist, with no additional devices needed, to hotspot by acting as WiFi? Compare and contrast phone only hotspot, with those "WiFi hotspot" devices. Emphasize terms, define any standard jargon.
I might have had better conjecture. But some links are wrong, others fail, so the manual, how it works, text and some info, on a hotspot WiFi device page, "links function, and some text is worded as if it's a phone".

Possibly, THIS: "What Boost Mobile devices are eligible for the Mobile Hotspot add-on.", might for some phones and/or plans (defunct "grandfathered" N/A plans?), might mean "Which Boost Mobile devices, REQUIRE a Mobile Hotspot add-on, for using the phone as a WiFi hotspot."

Seems there IS hotspot data allowance within some phone plans. But some phones or some plans, will REQUIRE PAYING for "ADD ON"(jargon for hotspot "not free/data", for phones, not including doodad WiFi hotspot devices, their data plans different.)
Yet, no big bold text noting if those "Add-Ons", are THE ONLY hotspot data, or combine with ANY phone plan data(if so, capped probably?). Most plans, even last generation of plans, probably had unlimited data. So, maybe once one exceeds the month's 4G LTE allotment (probably switching to 3G still counts/meters the data AS IF it is 4G LTE...eureka, maybe 2G not counted, but switch settings to 3G, CDMA, it still counts as high speed data?). Maybe as soon as a phone plan hits high speed allotment, no phone data is available for hotspot use, requiring buying "add on" hotspot data, if wishing to hotspot the phone.

Huge potential IMO, of muddying the waters, and results like some customers feeling mislead, or tricked, snookered. Just by the overlap here, of HOTSPOT and tethering, phones, non phone device, phone plans, hotspot plans...
Is Bluetooth hotspot tethering FREE? Then you have phone WiFi hotspot. This is muddied by phone plans with hotspot data allowance, but (I think, read yesterday), the hotspot use data and non hotspot data, both "eat" from the same data "bucket" allotment, the phone plan. And total hotspot data is capped, the cap can be lowered by enough total phone data used (maybe).

Is buying an Add-On not just optional but REQUIRED to enable a mobile ANY phone on BOOST service, to act as a WiFi hotspot? (But maybe not required for Bluetooth tethering?)

The FAQ on


Could have addressed first, WHAT IS ”Mobile Hotspot Add-On"?
In what circumstances do I need to purchase a "Mobile Hotspot Add-On"?
(((( all phones, some phones, needed for any plan, needed only for some plans? ))))
Then there is more muddying by the similar nomenclature for "Wi-Fi Hotspots" DEVICE doodads, AND THEIR plans. Surfing into and hop skip and podge through the site, adds more chance of confusion, a hotspot not-a-phone device, using only a phone as a WiFi hotspot, said phone WITH hotspot data in the phone plan, OR NOT (especially older plans, no longer sold?) ? ....meh, any more is just repetitious rephrasing of gripes above and far above.
Am I tired and summer baked brain?
Nutty untreated years of uber sky high blood pressure giving me dementia?
I think I partway muddled through the muddy waters. I have guesses about the facts, plans, though some are pairs, maybe THIS but could be THAT. Or they aren't muddy, I just have weird POV and didn't follow it all, for most, clear as ....easy as 3.14159.....