Zte Max XL. volume stuck on up


Zte Max XL. volume stuck on up

I have had my ZTE Max xl for less than a month . For the last 2 weeks my volume up button has been stuck on my phone. It shows on the top of the screen even as I write this. Everytime I try to turn the volume down it shoots back up on its own. I can't even slide down my notifications or answer a quick text message. My search button is on the top of my screen and I can't search anything because the volume button is still on the screen! I took my phone to the boost mobile store where I purchased the phone and the guy was unable to do anything but give me ZTE phone number to call. I have done a factory reset and nothing works. I have insurance will they give me a brand new phone or a used one? Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Zte Max XL. volume stuck on up

Hello, Zteheadache. This is clearly a physical issue with the phone. Here are my suggestions:


- Take the phone to a repair shop

- The insurance would provide with a replacement for a LOW deductible fee. Phone number: 844-534-3099

- The warranty would ask you to send the phone in for repairs. It usually take a couple of days, though. Phone number: 877-817-1759