ZTE Max XL Change screen size big problem/bug


ZTE Max XL Change screen size big problem/bug

 I have a new Boost Mobile Max XL.   There is a major problem.  If I choose the small display choice in settings, it wipes out all the apps and widgets on the screen that I have added.  It also wipes out all the apps, widgets and folders that Boost adds with their update.   I think it happens when switching from small back to default (medium) too.   I had boost do a full factory reset and software update twice and each time, when I switched to small display, all the boost apps,  folders, etc that they added disappeared forever, as did the apps I had added. 

For example after the reset and boost mobile update the second screen page had :
Mobile strike
Boost dealz
Alarm clock
Amazon (folder) 
Utilities (folder) 
Boost mobile (folder) 
Social (folder)
Facebook (folder
All that stays there until I change the display to small, then everything except the Social and Facebook folders disappear, those two are all that is left on that page.    And they are not showing up on any other screen page either.  The display setting warns that apps may MOVE, which makes sense, but they should not DISAPEAR!  The boost stuff and all the other stuff I spent time putting on the screens is gone. 
I also think that the small display setting may be incompatible with some apps I downloaded, they seemed to be behaving strange, for example, new widgets would not drag and drop to the screen.   Still working on that, so not sure.
Anbody else seeing this?   I filed a report with ZTE, waiting for response.  I suggest people be careful, because if you
spend a lot of time customizing the screen and then decide to try a different screen size, if it's like mine, you lose everything.

Re: ZTE Max XL Change screen size big problem/bug

Hi trader4. We do apologize that you had this inconvenient with the device. Could you please let us know if you already received a response from ZTE technical support regarding this matter? It seems that this is more of a technical question than a service related issue that can only be answered by the manufacturer(ZTE). We'll be waiting on your reply. - E.J.