Some messages take "FOREVER" to send. Why????


Some messages take "FOREVER" to send. Why????

This is really starting to get me MAD!!!!   I have had Boost for about 1 year now. I live in an area where cell signal is not so great; way out in the "woods" (northeast Penn USA).  I have had Boost Tech Support on the phone with me several times and quite honestly I don't think their tech support team really knows what they are talking about or "fake" trying to solve the issue. Hopefully it is just a matter of a setting that someone out there "like one of you" may have experienced in the past and can help me with this.


My phone LG Tribute 5 I use for both business and personal.


Why does it take up to 25 minutes for a text message that I send to go out and sometimes within only seconds of me sending another text message out to even the same person it goes right out. I have almost full bars but that does not seem to matter. I have asked the person on the other end to let me know what time they received the text message and they confirmed it took 25 minutes. Again, sometimes the text message will go right out as I press send.


Is it a setting on my phone or just that where I live the cell signal is not good. Boost Tech Support says it has nothing to do with my location (signal strength); I doubt that though.


I am thinking about changing cell service providers because of this. I am almost ready to give up.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.


This is not so much help but just an FYI:


A dear friend has a Galaxy S7 with Verizon, and we live in Northeastern Ohio.

He sent a text message to me and a couple others which took like 4 HOURS to arrive. It is based on the network load and sometimes the switching gear can get a bit overworked and as we joked it decided to relay the message to the cell tower on the bloody moon and back.


So, it might not be in ANYONES control over that, and asa you admitted in post you are in a serious fringe area, that don't help much either.