Over charged for my LG tribute HD?


Over charged for my LG tribute HD?

Ive been with boostmobile for two years and always had the same iphone 5c. Recently it shattered completely and i decided to try out Android.

I walked into a boostmobile location hoping to find a reasonably priced phone and the clerk pulled out the LG Tribute HD and said i was eligeble for a discount. I would only pay 125 for the phone.

I asked to see something at around 100 and he said hed lower the price for me to 100 and the total would come out to 108 with taxes. I asked for the specs and he said it was LG so it had the best camera.

So i gave in and bought it, was very disappointed with the camera, and i have a couple other problems with it. Just really unhappy with what i got.

now that im doing my research on the phone i see it being sold for $50 eveywhere??? Did i get scammed by the clerk? If i did what can i do? Who can i call?

Hello Checkyessalt:


Im really sorry you went through this horrible experience. I honestly don't understand why many boost mobile retailers give false info to the customers is not like we get payed by commission well i don't. 

The LG Tribute HD original retail price is $79.99 so thats the most he/she could had charged you since is discounted to $49.99 or if you switch to boost 100% free on the phone.

Maybe they charged $80 for the phone an $20 for activation/swap

The camera is good but just because is LG has the best thats not true

If you are really unhappy go back and try to return/exchange do what makes you happy not feel pressure for what they say. Remeber is your money not the clerks. See if you still have time because some store give you 3-7 days or 30days to return. Its a good phone dough 

Hope i was able to help you have a beautiful day try to enjoy

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