Note 3 won't activate clean IMEI


Note 3 won't activate clean IMEI

So i purchased a clean used sprint note 3 and now I  can't activate it because of incompatible sim card that is a sprint/boost sim card!!!! I was told by "Jessica" to purchase a sim card kit and then this morning I call to activate it and I get this??! that the sim isn't compatible!! i'd rather keep the phone and flash it to another service and keep my number than deal with this!! beyond frustrated!! anyone else had this issue? what was your resolution!!


Re: Note 3 won't activate clean IMEI

That's definitely not the way we want you to feel, raw1980va! Our most sincere apologies for that situation!


We successfully received the private message you sent us in regards to this matter. If anyone else is having the same issue, feel free to send me (or any other Community agent) a private message including:


- Your phone number and PIN.


- The MEID of the phone you want to activate.


To send us a private message, just click on the agent's username (Hozuki_Robert in this case), and then look for the option that says "Send this user a private message".


We're here to help!




I need to change my shipping address

I forget to add my apartment number

Re: I need to change my shipping address

Hey there, Rag12! We will only ship to your billing address. In order to successfully process your order, we require that your shipping address and billing address be identical. Let's do some investigating. Do you need to change the full address, or just add the apartment number?