Nokia Lumia 635 wont charge


Nokia Lumia 635 wont charge

So out of the blue my phone dosent want to keep a charge. It wont even connect to a charger. Is there anything that boost can do? I JUST paid for a month of service. And I have had the phone well over a year. Im just freaking out cause I have no money right now and I use my phone as an alarm clock and for work. Please if anyone can help...

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Hi. Unfortunately warranty online covers 1 year. You may try to go to the Microsoft Mobile devices help website for warranty support.


  1. Go to Website:
  2. Click See all, then click to choose a device for help.
    • To view warranty details for the device, under Quick Links, click Manufacturer's Limited Warranty.
    • To chat or speak with a Microsoft representative:
      1. Click Contact Us.
      2. On the Contact Us page, click Get started to open the Virtual Support Agent.
      3. Type a question asking about the phone warranty
        • Example: I have a question about my Lumia 635 warranty.
      4. If they don't get the answer they are looking for, click Talk to a person.
        • - E.J.