New phones


New phones

Chris from New Orleans, La

I've been with Boost for 4yrs and love the service you guys provide. Will you guys ever get the new phones that Sprint gets for Boost Mobile? I have an LG Stylo 2 and I really love my phone. But I want something better than what I have that has a better camera. I'm trying not to go with Sprint because I don't want to trap myself into a contract. I was really interested in purchasing the LG V20, the LG V6 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Can you PLEASSSE, PLEASSSE,  add these phones the your service so I can purchase one. It would be greatly appreciated. Have a great


Re: New phones

I couldn't but notice you mentioned camera. I too have the Stylo 2 and I find the 13 MP camera more than adequate.

Maybe try a better camer aapp? I have the one that came with the phone as well as these 2:

1. CameraMX, and

2. Open Camera


Open Camera has quite a bit of control over how the pics are taken and turn out.


Just my 2 cents worth. Man Very Happy


Re: New phones

Thanks for your two cents because I am looking for a new phone