New Moto e4 from Boost. instuction booklet?


New Moto e4 from Boost. instuction booklet?

So, my flip phone that I bought back at the beginning of time broke.  I bought a new Moto e4 at Target and at home opened the box. Included were the phone, a battery and the charging gear but no instruction pamphlet. There was a small note that describes where to find 'legal, safety and regulatory information" online.


I came to this website looking for an instruction booklet and what I found assumes that I was born with the knowledge on how to insert the battery into the phone.


I wasn't.


Since the package doesn't have a basic instruction sheet (which it should have) I have no idea how to open the case to insert the battery. I would prefer not to damage a new phone that I have only had for a few minutes by guessing how to get it open. I see two buttons on the side of the phone, but I have no idea what they do. Probably don't open the case. Looking at the screen, there is a small gap down on the bottom, right hand side which looks promising, but I don't want to apply force there and damaged my new phone.


Where can I find information or a picture of the phone that details what the buttons are and how to get the case open so I can insert the battery?




Re: New Moto e4 from Boost. instuction booklet?

Hello Teleport, please click here  instruction manual for the Moto E4.