Lg stylo 2 Android update Jan 14


Lg stylo 2 Android update Jan 14

My husband has the Stylo 2, he turned it off Saturday night, let it charge, turned it on Sunday AM and it automatically started updating the Android system. After the update, phone restarted - EVERYTHING was gone. Contacts, call logs, apps, etc. The only thing that remained were his text messages. Giant pain. Then, he keeps getting "Home and App Drawer has stopped working" message, literally every 10 seconds it pops up. He doesn't even have to be doing anything on the phone, as long as it is unlocked the message constantly pops up. He even tried to switch from the "app drawer" setting to where all apps are on the main screen and it still comes up. What can we do?


Re: Lg stylo 2 Android update Jan 14

Hi there vbroadwater28. I am sorry about the issue you are having there. It seems that your device develop some software glitch. The only suggestion that might help is a factory reset. Since there is nothing of your personal data I recommend the reset. On your key pad enter ##786#, select reset from the menu option. If after resetting your phone still shows the error, then it will need repair. Let me know if the reset worked out.