LG Stylo 2 Issues!


Re: LG Stylo 2 Issues!

Did not work for me. It is fully charged and shows 100% charged. WhenI power it up it goes to the 2nd LG screen with the orange emblem. If It will not turn off without removing the battery.

Robrog8999 wrote:

THis is from another Message Board. I am copying and pasting a solution someone else had. So hopefully this work.


Literally JUST fixed my problem.

Left it plugged in with the stock Cord/USB Charger for 4 hours, came home and it was 100% Charged screen.

But then, it wouldn't boot past the LG Screen.

I then reseated the battery, popped it back on the charger and now it's ON and working.


That resolved the problem for someone else. Let me know if it works for you!



Re: LG Stylo 2 Issues!

I had a factory defect with my first one and within the 14 days I was able to return it and have it replaced with the new one I have now and have no problem with this one since. So maybe you got one of the defective ones and would have the technical support check it out and have them replace it for you.

Re: LG Stylo 2 Issues!

It sounds like you may have a malicious app installed as you have to do a soft reset with your phone over and over, that's the method with the up volume and power button.
Do yourself and go through your downloads and any apps you may have downloaded.
On the bright side it doesn't sound like there's an issue as far as hardware.
Have a look here in the Boost community if the issue persists and you're bound to find the answer and maybe a tip or to specific to your handset to boot. Good luck!
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