Impossible Data Usage Post Removed


Impossible Data Usage Post Removed

I wonder why....


Still having the data increments in 100 MB exactly at a time. I thought I had found a solution, because on Windows 10,  they allow you to set up your account as a metered connection.. After I did so,  a few times it did the 100  MB exactly at time, but it stopped. But...


Now, were back in business again, watching the data melt away precisely 100 MB every few pages at a time. Doesn't matter - all text pages, video, photos - Boost data calculator does not discriminate.  I can not get any one to respond to me, so hopefully you will not have this problem. I have contacted Boost repeatedly. 


If you have the mobile hotspot plan - monitor your data carefullly. 




What communications are happening when you connect to the internet? Do you really know? The answer is no, not unless you're running some type of advanced packet analyzer software, and able to interpret the data. If you are in a room with no windows in the upstairs of a 2 story house and your front door was left open people could be coming in and out of your house without you knowing who they are. Maybe you are lucky enough to hear noise but that's it. That's how the internet is - a wide open house for intruders to come in and out like the public library. Nobody demands good security because they have a false sense of security until something bad happens. A big part of this is due to the fact that so many sales reps, and tech support staff are not properly trained on security and give false information to the customer about how secure things are when they do ask. Do you wait to get into a bad car accident before getting car insurance? 99.99% of devices sold are really not made to be secure, they're made to look pretty so the company shareholders make more money.

You have data usage indicating activity when you have not performed that activity because:
1. There is a service/program/app on your phone/pc (encrypted or not) performing updates every day/session (unlikely)
2. There is a service/program/app on your phone/pc (encrypted or not) collecting your private data for advertising or other purposes
3. There is malware on your phone/pc that is communicating somewhere (encrypted or not) collecting your private data for unknown purposes
4. Another person(s) is connecting to your hotspot without your knowledge because its not properly configured to allow only 1 connection, or configured to allow only your devices by inserting your device(s) mac address (aka hardware address) in the settings