How do you handle unremovable battery??


How do you handle unremovable battery??

Hello everyone, I know samsung galaxy stopped phones with removable battery after S5


i was interested on the samsung galaxy 6, but my concern is, if in the future the battery needs to be replaced..

thats the reason why i never liked any iphone for that reason, and know samsung comes witth the same idea


HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE THAT ISSUE??  are there any stores to do it, now you have to pay more for that. it will get complicated since you cant just buy it and replace it yourselt.....    ANY IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS??


You can contact Samsung. They can fix any issue with their phones with electrical or mechanical issues and the 1 year manufacturers warranty. Visit to find out more.


Yeap, but  my point was really if they have stores to go to, or if you have to be 2 or 3 weeks without a phone


And thats where i see the problem,  if you have to send a phone and how can you be all that time without the phone???


The non removable phones usually come with a key. It as small as the tip of a pen. If the key doesn't come with the purchase there are ways to get in. After all your provider has to put a SIM card in. Also there are several YouTube videos that show " How to open and replace NON REMOVABLE Battery