Galaxy S7 Oreo updated & now no custom SMS ring / text tone


Galaxy S7 Oreo updated & now no custom SMS ring / text tone

So finally my GS7 was able to update to Oreo and now I’ve lost my custom text tones for my contacts. Very annoying as I had one for my wife, different ones for each of my super close friends, etc...


Doing some research, apparently Samsung has finally addressed & fixed this with an update to their messages app to version ... and even newer versions are up on APK. 


With the GS7 update last night the current Boost version is ~ anyone know when or how I han safely update my app to get that feature back, or will they be issuing an update? A little nervous as it took forever and a day to get Oreo in the first place. Thanks!


The version you list for Samsung messages is not correct. The new version is

Samsung says in is now in the galaxy app store but incremental rollouts.

You can get the update yourself if you are interested.

I checked, it is on the site APKMirror for one. Installed it on an S9 4 days ago and an S7 3 days ago, it works fine.

All you have to do is download the apk. open file manager and press the apk circle and it will show it. click on the file and it will ask you to install. It will then warn you about files from unknown sources. ok for one time permission. it will install.


Thought I might give a quick note exactly how to set the new Messages app up for custom message tones.

After you update the program and you first open messages it will take a few moments to repopulate your conversations.

Once they are back, open one you wish a custom tone for.  then press the 3 dots in the upper right.

Under conversation settings you will see Notifications. Press it, it will open up a screen with 2 options. Default and Custom

Select Custom, then press the gear icon on the right hand side. Go down to Sound and you can select your custom sound.


Thanks for the response!!!

BTW ... your user name, Porcupine Tree song or just a coincidence?

You're welcome.

Geez, I'm old.. I had to look up Porcupine Tree.....

Anyway, username is derived from this


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