Boost and ZTE Prestige...bad combination.

Boost and ZTE Prestige...bad combination.

 My son and I both switched to Boost Mobile on the family plan, and we both got the same phone, the ZTE Prestige. Keep in mind, this was in late July. One month into having the phones, my phone started acting up; opening and closing programs on it's own, the bottom keys not working (Back, Home, and open programs). It takes me a good 5 minutes to send a 10 word text, beause I can type a few letters, and then the phone minimizes that program and opens several more. The phone is basically unusable. I have been onthe phone with customer service several times, I have been on the phone with ZTE customer service multiple times. They have even gone so far as to factory reset my phone, and still it does not work. I have a warranty on the phone, but for some reason, I have to pay to have it fixed ..not only that, but I'd be without a phone for 7-10 days, I was told. Earlier this month, my sons phone has started doing the same thing. We have had these phones for 3 months, (one, in my case) and they do not work. I pay close to $90 a month for phones that I can't even use. I kept paying the service so that my son AT LEAST had a phone that he could use, and not he can't use his either. Does Boost Mobile not stand behind their products and services? From the multiple different things that I have been told, no. You do not. I am so unhappy with this company, I work VERY hard for my money,and I feel like I just threw it all down the drain. Any suggestions on how to get help with this?



ANY 8GB phone is ...bad combination.

Hi @Spytfyre1116,


Look, I am not trying to downplay your situation, however look at the facts.


The ZTE Prestige phone is an ENTRY LEVEL PHONE with just enough hardware to satisfy most first-time smartphone owners.  But not all. And NO second-time, or more, smartphone owners.  Released in NOV 2015 for the super low price of $50 it is the bottom of the barrel, while smartphone vendors battle it out on the high end, companies like ZTE need to aggressively slash prices on the low end to help push volume.  I mean look at the specs, a 1.1 GHz CPU super slow, only 1GB ram, and 480p display, a 5MP camera, with 8GB storage, half of which, as anyone knows Android takes 4GB, is taken up by the OS. 


If you install more than three apps, its no wonder your phone has issues.


I read  the ZTE warranty, , they clearly state that they back all of their devices for one year from the date of purchase for no fee.  Fees are assesed for repairs after 1 year of ownership.  However, I suspectyour devices are not 'defective' under warranty, and that instead you may have some third party apps installed?  

If you really can do a factory reset and DO NOT INSTALL OR UPDATE apps, AND still have usabilty issues, like buttons not working, then yes, you may legitimately have a hardware claim.  Yes, it is a cross-industry standard(not just mobiles) to be without your beloved electronic device for weeks.


What is your entire list of apps?



Really, if you were to use your ZTE Prestige FOR ONLY PHONE CALLS AND TEXTING and NOT FOR MOBILE computing such as apps, it would work flawlessly.  


Again, not trying to downplay your situation, but let us be honest, what does one really expect from a fifty dollar smart phone? 


You probally can see where I am going with this.....  my suggestion for help on this is to purchase a higher powered device.  Get something with at least a 2GHz CPU, AT LEAST 1.5 GB RAM and AT LEAST a 720p display and AT LEAST 16 GB Storage!


Probally not what you wanted to hear,

Just my opinion.


We would Love to hear other users opinions of their ZTE Prestige too, so please post!


If more question do reply!




Re: Boost and ZTE Prestige...bad combination.

What does one expect? Ha... I DO expect it to work. My son  may have other apps on his, but speakaing for myself, I do not use it for gaming or anything. As a matter of fact, I have not downloaded any apps onto mine, I juse use the ones that were there when I got it. I didn't get the phone for games or anything, just to have a phone to use and check the news onthe browser and what not. I don't need high powered products, I just need ones that work. I have called ZTE, and was told that yes, I have a warranty, but I have to pay to send it to them and they do NOT offer a loaner phone, so I would be without a phone for 7-10 days, which I can't do right now. I have isues in my family that I need to be available 24 hours a day. With no phone, I can't do that, now can I? So in effect, for them to fix a problem with the phone that I paid for and have a warranty for, that is an issue that is THEIR fault, I will be without a phone when I desperately need one. I guess I have learned my lesson, and will go elsewhere next time.