Re: Why?

Hi, lobo39! Sorry to hear that. We'd be happy to help you. Please send us a private message with the account phone number, pin code, order number, and the return tracking number.



So, I'm writing this on every forum, social media, and bathroom wall I can find. I've been a customer of Boost for just over a month now, and in that time I can say this... WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD! I bought 2 phones to move me and the wife over and one came in damaged, we sent it back right away but a month later no replacement or refund. So I get a replacement from Amazon, and a "Bring your own phone" SIM card, and now I'm told that because it's not one of 5 options they won't. Even though it's the exact same model phone I'm using. I'm fed up with them already, and will be looking at other choices.