Stolen Delivery


Re: Stolen Delivery

Oh no! Sorry to hear what happened. In this case, we would like to create a case so our back-office team could submit a claim with FedEx. We'll need you to give us a contact number, as well as filling a police report and send it to our email: 


Please send us a DM so we can chat further.


Stolen Delivery

I had ordered a iPhone 6s Plus on Monday. It said it would be delivered by Wednesday so i waited. Wednesday arrived and i check the mail. No package. I go to my door still no package. I wait till Thursday and come home from school. Check the mail and door again yet still no package. My mom says she seen a FedEx man come with a iPhone shaped box to the door as she was leaving but nothing when she came back because she went through the garage to get in the house on Wednesday. Thursday no package but the FedEx says it was delivered Wednesday @1:25. I am confused and hopefully able to get help from Boost Mobile. Refund maybe or sent another iPhone? I dont know but I just want my $300 phone in my hand. That’s all