So is this just a regular thing?


Re: So is this just a regular thing?

Let’s get this thing fixed for you. Can you please clear the cache and cookies on your device?


So is this just a regular thing?

Login errors due to “technical difficulties”. Again. I have literally never experienced a website or phone company that has SO many errors when trying to simply login to one’s own account. Last week I dealt with login issues claiming “technical difficulties” for days on end. It finally starts working again, then suddenly, once again, I can’t log into my account because it claims that Boost is experiencing technical issues. I don’t want a solution to the problem, I honestly just want to know what your problem is, Boost Mobile. You and your employees don’t seem to do a thing about issues. So what’s going on? Someone from Boost want to explain to me why they’re so god awful and unreliable and can’t even fix their own website so their customers can login? All you do is claim you’re working on it when in reality you guys are probably just sitting back in an office chair doing jack. I don’t understand. 61D58EDC-7C1E-41FD-B2F5-185CA2CCA667.jpeg