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Re: Transferring service to new phone

Hello, @jvilla4. Thank you for stopping by. Could you please send us a private message to further assist you?  We'll be waiting for your response. Remember, we're here to help. -Kira_M.


Re: Transferring service to new phone

Hi, I tried doing this with my iPhone 7 Plus by typing the IMEI number but it did not work. It said data not found. Any help? I have my current iPhone 6 that is connected with Boost so I was trying to move the SIM card over, but then it said no service on my iPhone 7 Plus. 

Re: Transferring service to new phone

Hello, Octaviousbrown1! Sorry for the late reply! To swap (or upgrade) handsets through our online support channel, please visit the following link:


Once there, select the option available under "Existing Customer", press "Next" and follow the prompts.


Don't hesitate to let us know if you need any help.


We're here to help!


- Hozuki_Robert

Re: Transferring service to new phone

How do I transfer from one phone to another phone

Re: Transferring service to new phone

I broke my old Boost Mobile phone and need too Transfer too my old boost mobile phone. Fast as possible please i need my phone for work A.S.A.P. Need Help bad and fast, please and thank you.

Re: Transferring service to new phone

Hi belindanburt201


The DEC # 256 69156008520321 comes up as invalid because it's short by one digit. Please also specify what you're trying to do with this number.




Re: Transferring service to new phone

You go into settings and then on activate phone and follow the instructions or you can call customer care and there will be an automated system

Re: Transferring service to new phone



I usually do not reply to different questions on other peoples threads.  But you said you had not used your account in a few months, did you mean that it has been longer than 60 days? I did want to let you know that if you have not used your Boost service for sixty days your account, and number are deleted.  


You would have to create a new account, with a new number to resume service.  Just use the Activate Your Phone link and follow the prompts like you are a new customer.


Also, here is the link to the contact page!/framework_contact_us/

Where you can email Boost or call the # listed

Call 1 888 BOOST 4U (1 888 266 7848) or 611 from your handset or go to a store(the store may charge you for helping, call them first too).





Re: Transferring service to new phone

I have a newer MOTO-G ANDROID LOLLIPOP,5. 1, Phone that I had the number ported over from the exact same device. Now, since I am disabled& had not been able to keep up with the monthly prepaid card, it had not been used in a few months. So I went back and purchased a new card for $45.00 to add services to my phone and there is no way to access my account. I click on the Boost icon, I used to enter my phone number and my pin, then insert the 14 digit card number. Than I would hate my service plan funds available to begin the new 30 day cycle. Now, when someone calls my cell phone number, their phone says "NO NUMBER EXISTS", how is this possible. I have the original receipt from the place of purchase and now I have a $45.00 card that I have not yet tried to use because it seems there exists nowhere to insert it. I don't want to take a chance and inserting the card and losing my funds permanently. Can you assist me in regaining my number back, I have all the necessary proof of purchase for both the original phone, ( I was forced to buy a new one because I dropped the phone and the screen became unreadable, but I loved the phone and service enough to purchase the same exact phone and ported the number as it was easier to do it this way. As a disabled person who lives on a very tight budget, I cannot afford to throw away a $45.00 purchase. Is there any way that you can advise me what I can do because I cannot find a contact number for BOOST MOBILE anywhere online. I need some help bad Thank you. Lee

Re: Transferring service to new phone

This helps greatly, thank you! ^^