Rewards for long time costumers


Re: Rewards for long time costumers customers recert iphone 7 =$49. Current loyal paying customers = $279. Please tell me Im wrong and match $49 deal you offer new customers..I will gladly accept a $49 recert iphone 7...anytime, anywhere, or anyway

Re: Rewards for long time costumers

Hey there, @Rockyhound! Thanks for reaching out to us. We really appreciate your loyalty. Be aware we constantly have new offers for new and existing customers. We currently have upgrade promos in-store exclusively for our existing customers; we’d suggest you to visit the nearest store for more info. We also offer online deals on Web site at When available you may be targeted with a special offers via text messages. Stay tuned, we sure will have more deals and promos coming out. Thank you.


Rewards for long time costumers

Why is it that the long-time customers get screwed we've been here the longest we should get better deals free upgrades like phones free months. I have been with boots for 10+ years