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Hello @valonis. We can help you with that. Keep in mind that the return time frame is up to 7 days from the date the phone was ordered. Please send me a private message so we may work directly with you.


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I’m trying to return a phone I just received yesterday. Your site says to call 866-402-7366 for a Return Authorization Number. When I call the number I get a recording that asks for my account number. I don’t have an account number because I haven’t activated the phone I want to return because you don’t have a plan suitable for my needs—I am a senior and I only want a voice only plan.  


Please let me know how to get a Return Authorization Number so I can return the phone.

Order #:ek-bepp-828519682

Date ordered:  5/21/2017

Date received: 5/24/2017

Reason for returning: You do not offer any voice only  plans

 Thanks, Joe Valonis--


Re: Return Device Ordered Online

Hello VRD18! We are terribly sorry about this matter. We will be more than glad to help you. Can you please send us a private message with date device was ordered, order number, reason for returning the device?


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Same problem here and finally they answer me today and now they told me that I can't send the phone because my order was shipping on may 10 and I receive my phone last Monday may 15 and I been trying contact customer service and they hung up on me and they keep transferring me to diferent places and right now they said yesterday it was my last day to return the phone, it's ridiculous how they treat their customers.

Re: Return Device Ordered Online

Boost Mobile customer service is ridiculous. You guys have a (7) day return policy yet I can't get an actual live person on the customer service number you provide to ASSIST ME WITH A RETURN. I have a brand new iPhone 7 that was never even opened or used, and I can't get a refund for it because you guys don't provide an actual live person on your customer service numbers. Absolutely ridiculous. I have been a customer for over 3 years but I won't buy anything from your website again.

Re: Return Device Ordered Online

I went thru hours of same issue so I just sent it back with packing note and a typed up letter explaining the situation. Will let everyone know what happens. They received it yesterday 5/10/17 4 days before the 7 day return policy !! So keep your fingers crossed 🙂

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ive tried to call for an RMA# and thats not even an option...theres no options for returns!!!! I need help!


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Hi Mirdy3


Were you able to submit the return request? We'd like to have an update on your situation.



Social Care Agent.


Re: Return Device Ordered Online

I called over three consecutive hours, and I have not been able to reach anyone through either number provided to return the product purchased from your site. Please provide me with the RMA# at once.  What is going on here?


Re: Return Device Ordered Online

hossfeld44 wrote:

Does anyone know how I return an online order or have a customer service phone number?

Hi Hossfeld44,

Sorry to hear you want to make a return.  

The gerneral customer service number is 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848)

But for returns there is another number. 1-866-402-7366


YOU MUST GET AN RMA # before sending back anything!  The return policy is SEVEN DAYS!!


The instructions are here;

Return Instructions for Orders Placed Online

  • Call Boost Mobile Returns at 1-866-402-7366 FREE to obtain a valid Return Authorization Number to be referenced on your phone.
  • Boost Mobile Returns will only handle requests with Return Authorization Numbers.
  • Write the Return Authorization Number on: the original packing slip, and; on ALL sides of the box used to return ship the device. Ship the device and all original package contents to the following address:

Plainfield Return Center
Attn: Boost Mobile Returns EU
2675 Reeves Road, Suite 190
Plainfield, IN 46168


Hope this helps.

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