Porting Number from Verizon


Re: Porting Number from Verizon

Hi there, Nethel. Thanks for contacting us.

We'll be happy to help. Please, send us a private message with this information: 


- Phone number
- PIN or password 
- Account number 



- Desired price plan

- Desired PIN number (4 digits)
- Name
- Address 


Porting Number from Verizon



I am a new customer trying to port my old Verizon number over to Boost.


On the website whenever I try to begin the process it tells me, "Your phone number is not eligible for porting."


I went to a local boost mobile store and they told me it was not eligible and that the issue is on Verizon's end. I both called Verizon and went to a local store and according to them there should be no issue porting it. I called the boost mobile support line and got the same answer that the issue must be on Verizon's end.


From searches through the forums it looks like there is a solution but I need to private message an Agent with a bunch of info, but the post I found was old and I want to make sure I am messaging a current active Agent. Is there anyone that can help me


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