Not eligible for boost up because of sprint


Re: Not eligible for boost up because of sprint

Hi, Promise1987. We'd love to explain this further. Existing customers who are on a monthly plan and have made at least 12 consecutive on-time payments and are not enrolled in the Premier Grace Period Program are eligible for the BoostUP! program. The customer must also not have an unpaid debt with Sprint. You can find this information on our website!/support/faq/account-management/BoostUP/.


Not eligible for boost up because of sprint

Be careful everyone. I was would sprint 5 years before financially falling in hard times and not being able to keep them. So a year later I came to boost. I have been with boost for 2 years straight no gaps. I always get the boost up notification. So one day i decided to boost up. Well after about a few hours of going back and forth with customer service I’m not able to because I owe spring. Mind you that was almost 5 years ago. I wish they would let you know that before even going through the hassle. They don’t tell you this upfront so beware. Moving forward I will now just look into Metro PCS. Boost isn’t all that anyway..