No refund for returned phone


Re: No refund for returned phone

Hey there, njames1603! We apologize for the inconvenience at this time. Can you please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN for when your account was active? 


To send a private message just click on the picture of any Boost Mobile agent and, in the next screen, click "send this user a private message". 


No refund for returned phone

I used to have an account with Boost, during that time I had bought a pre owned iPhone 6. I then switched to AT&T after finding out the bad service with Sprint and Boost. I had returned the phone right before my Boost account was closed, but still have not gotten a refund, and this had been since March. I tried to dispute the charge with my card company as "Credit not received" and have talked to Boost customer care many times and have been told that to receive my refund they would need the return tracking number, which I did not keep. The only tracking number that I have is for when I got the phone. I also contacted UPS to see if they could provide it, and of coarse it was no where to be found. Even UPS said that Boost Mobile should keep track of what return labels they give you. I don't know what to do because that is just $116 that was lost because for some reason they need the return tracking number to provide a refund.